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Product Design


Product design is about creating a solution to a problem that satisfies the needs of the user, the objectives of the business, and the goals of the company.


At its core, product design is problem-solving in the most beautiful, efficient, and delightful way possible.

Good Product Design

“You cannot understand good design if you do not understand people; design is made for people.”1)

Elements of good product design include:2)


  • Does it solve the user's problems?
  • Will people pay for it?

Not only does the solution you designed need to solve the user's problems, you also need to make sure that users are willing to pay for the solution you designed. Encouraging users towards a specific action such has making a payment, is called conversion rate optimization, or (CRO).




Are the product's features pleasurable? Do they make the user feel good in some way?


Are the product's features desirable? Not only does the user need this product to solve their problem, but they want the product. For example, a product that is desirable may become a status symbol for the owner.

Challenges with Product Design

Product design challenges include:3)

  • organizational pushback
  • misalignment
  • inability to tie back efforts to business value
  • data or technology constraints
  • risk-averse culture

Operational Frameworks for Product Design

  • Agile
  • Continuous Product Design4)

Product Designer Job Requirements

Product designer requirements:

  • Be a user advocate
  • Ask questions and frame your problem
  • Be a business analyst
  • Apply good design practices
  • Apply good development practices
  • An iterative approach to idea generation
  • Have a clear plan of action
  • Be a good copywriter
  • Be a storyteller

Product Designer

Jack of all trades - Either needs to be able to do all the roles below or communicate effectively with those that do.

Roles and Responsibilities

Interaction Designers

  • Investigate behavioral patterns
  • Explore ways in which an application might solve a pre-identified user need
  • Required to quickly iterate to find solutions

User Experience Designers

  • Champions for a users' needs
  • Produce viable solutions through cycles of prototyping and user testing
  • Seek to understand the minds of the customers through:
    1. Empathy
    2. Ask strategic questions
    3. Collect user feedback
    4. Analyze user data

Graphic Designers or Visual Designers

  • Create artwork that is visually attractive
  • Create aesthetic visuals including:
    1. Imagery
    2. Colors
    3. Illustrations
  • Requirements include:
    1. Visually prolific
    2. Communicate/tell stories through visual mediums


  • Tell stories, communicate through visual mediums
  • Create motion graphics by adding movement to graphic elements
  • Produce animations such as:
    1. Menu and page transitions
    2. Micro-interactions
    3. Logo animations
    4. Infographic animations
    5. Typographic animations
  • Animate elements for websites and apps including:
    1. Progress bars
    2. Page loaders
    3. Icons

Software Developers

A team of software developers with various roles and responsibilities are responsible for:

  • Architecture: programing the skeleton and underlying structure of user inputs and outputs
  • Deciding where and how the data is stored and accessed
  • Codes the back-end (server-side)
  • Codes the front-end (client-side)

Data Analysts

Scientists who do the following:

  1. Identify metrics
  2. Collect and manage user data
  3. Conduct experiments such as A/B tests
    1. Communicate with data visualization

Business Analyst or Strategist

Business analyst focuses on company strategy and keeps an eye on the numbers. - Asks why we are doing this - Determines return on investment for initiatives - Guides decision-making by identifying business value



Product designers and developers typically report to a Product Developer, whose output is a working system. Designers make the plans, developers execute them. The output of UX/Software designers is a blueprint for a working system.



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