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Product Design


Product design is about creating a solution to a problem that satisfies the needs of the user, the objectives of the business, and the goals of the company.


At its core, product design is problem-solving in the most beautiful, efficient, and delightful way possible.


Product designer requirements:

  • Be a user advocate
  • Ask questions and frame your problem
  • Be a business analyst
  • Apply good design practices
  • Apply good development practices
  • An iterative approach to idea generation
  • Have a clear plan of action
  • Be a good copywriter
  • Be a storyteller


Interaction Designers

  • Investigate behavioral patterns
  • Explore ways in which an application might solve a pre-identified user need
  • Required to quickly iterate to find solutions

User Experience Designers

  • Champions for a users' needs
  • Produce viable solutions through cycles of prototyping and user testing
  • Seek to understand the minds of the customers through:
    1. Empathy
    2. Ask strategic questions
    3. Collect user feedback
    4. Analyze user data

Graphic Designers or Visual Designers

  • Create artwork that is visually attractive
  • Create aesthetic visuals including:
    1. Imagery
    2. Colors
    3. Illustrations
  • Requirements include:
    1. Visually prolific
    2. Communicate/tell stories through visual mediums


  • Tell stories, communicate through visual mediums
  • Create motion graphics by adding movement to graphic elements
  • Produce animations such as:
    1. Menu and page transitions
    2. Micro-interactions
    3. Logo animations
    4. Infographic animations
    5. Typographic animations
  • Animate elements for websites and apps including:
    1. Progress bars
    2. Page loaders
    3. Icons

Software Developers

A team of software developers with various roles and responsibilities are responsible for:

  • Architecture: programing the skeleton and underlying structure of user inputs and outputs
  • Deciding where and how the data is stored and accessed
  • Codes the back-end (server-side)
  • Codes the front-end (client-side)

Data Analysts

Scientists who do the following:

  1. Identify metrics
  2. Collect and manage user data
  3. Conduct experiments such as A/B tests
    1. Communicate with data visualization

Business Analyst or Strategist

Business analyst focuses on company strategy and keeps an eye on the numbers. - Asks why we are doing this - Determines return on investment for initiatives - Guides decision-making by identifying business value


Product designers and developers typically report to a Product Developer, whose output is a working system. Designers make the plans, developers execute them. The output of UX/Software designers is a blueprint for a working system.



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