Design Thinking

What is design?

What is design?

What is design thinking?

A user-centered design methodology. Enables designer to think strategically about the problem we are solving from the user's perspective. This involves:

  1. asking the right questions
  2. observing what users do or don't do

It matches a user's needs “with what is technologically feasible and viable as a business strategy.” 1)

Design Thinking Process


Develop empathy for your users by observing them in their natural environment. Conduct research to get real data from one or more of the following: 2)

  • reports
  • user interviews
  • diary studies
  • qualitative surveys

Then create an empathy map.

Stage 2: Define

As the second step in the Design Thinking process, the define stage is dedicated to defining the problem: what user problem will you be trying to solve? In other words, what is your design challenge?

The define stage ensures you fully understand the goal of your design project. It helps you to articulate your design problem statement, and provides a clear-cut objective to move forward to the next stage. 3)

In the Design Thinking process, designers often start creating personas during the second phase, the Define phase.





Decision Intelligence

Design thinking can be enhanced by a discipline known as decision intelligence - which “turns information into better actions at any scale.” 4)



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