What is UXWiki?

UXWiki.org, was founded by Paul Hermanson in January 2022. It is a growing collection of UX knowledge. A library of content that's ever-evolving as content is updated or added, and the discipline of UX Design continues to mature.

Paul, has been a lifelong student of UX design, even though he didn't always know that was what it was called. When he discovered the career path he was excited about learning more. Paul figured it wouldn't be too hard to self-study with all these resources at his fingertips:

  • courses
  • books
  • whitepapers
  • podcasts
  • articles
  • YouTube

However, Paul became quickly frustrated by not having a system to curate the information to properly absorb the lessons. That need combined with a desire to connect with UX Design professionals (especially better designers than himself), made UXWiki a reality!

If you enjoy UXWiki, and find it valuable, please consider giving back by collaborating with us.


UXWiki is comprised of these main sections:

What is UX Design?

UX Design is a sub-discipline of Product Design


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